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UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Chitin and Chitosan from Insects

Elevate Your Standards with Our High-Quality, Sustainable Insect Biomaterials. Invest in Quality Today!

What we Offer

High purity Chitin and Chitosan from Insects

Our product delivers improved strength, flexibility, and reliability over traditional chitin and chitosan, and with a green twist. We promise quality without compromise, holding ourselves to the highest environmental standards to create a product that's kind to both our customers and our planet.

Black soldier fly also known as Hermetia illucens

Tiny Organisms, Profound Impact: The Power of Insects

At Entoplast we extract high value biomaterials from insects for use in multiple industries. We supply sustainable, high quality biomaterials that power our circular economy.

These biomaterials hold the promise of sustainable innovation across industries, addressing environmental concerns while offering functional, adaptable, and forward-thinking solutions.

Why Choose Entoplast

Pioneering the Supply of Chitin and Chitosan from Insects in the UK

Discover Entoplast

Your exclusive source for insect-derived chitin and chitosan in the UK. Elevate your products with sustainable biomaterials, setting new standards for quality and eco-conscious innovation.

Our meticulous extraction and refinement uphold the highest standards, offering eco-friendly solutions that amplify your products and initiatives, all while nurturing a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Collaborative Partners

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